E-commerce and social media marketing in India

E-commerce and social media marketing in India

E-commerce companies across the globe have now realized that majority of their potential customers are active in social networks and social media sharing sites irrespective of their age, gender, and economic status.

If these companies do not find out where their future customers hang out and include it in their e-commerce marketing mix, then they will fail to build a relationship and increase their customer base through electronic word of mouth.

Today social media marketing expenditure for e-commerce companies makes up only a small fraction of the total budget, and it is believed that in the next five years the percentage for social media marketing will increase three-fold and e-commerce companies have now recognized the power of social media platforms to connect with their target audience.

For e-commerce, company’s social media marketing represents real value and new ways to reach out to new customers, engage with them, and reward existing customers. It also helps in displaying their brand and what they offer.

There are many ways social media can improve the way e-commerce companies can interact with customers. Some of the strategies E-commerce and social media marketing companies in India adopt for their digital marketing strategy or take the marketing strategy to the next level are as follows.

Go to places where your customers hang out and do customer research in real time and find what your target audience like, cares, their interests and the conversations they are having.

Use social media platforms to understand the audience on demographic basis so that you can optimize your marketing campaigns and deliver targeted messages.

When it comes to customers, they need the best and immediate customer service and for e-commerce companies social media is the best platform to provide customer service. It helps these companies to respond to customer queries quickly and deal with harmful contents in a proactive way.

Customer use social media to get information about companies and products. E-commerce companies should optimize their profiles and make it easy for them to find. They should also use social media to validate their marketing efforts and to demonstrate value. They should develop contents, which highlights the best things about their brand.

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