About Kolkata Social Media

Who We Are

We are a social media group that is part of Chennai based Virtual Social Media which is one of the top ranking international social media groups. Here at Kolkata Social Media, we provide a quick and effective solution to all your current advertising problems. We specialize in online marketing due to the recent rapid growth in internet use. Traditional methods of advertising may still be efficient in this day and age but we believe that internet marketing is more effective and less expensive. That is why we sought to provide the best online marketing services to all our clients. With this, we believe that our clients’ businesses are set to flourish and expand.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of services all relating to online advertising and marketing. These services are inclusive of the following:

  1. Internet marketing. We will use the internet as a means to pass on information about your goods and services to potential buyers.
  2. Interactive Marketing. We will actively involve some of the most popular and most visited social media sites in advertising your products/services and increasing your clientele.
  3. Website Design. We will ensure that your website is tastefully designed and eligible for high traffic to attract would-be clients.
  4. E-mail Marketing. We will ensure that your business’ e-mails are those that promote great working relationships with buyers and clients.
  5. Social Media Marketing. We will make sure that your business has access and connections to the world of social media so that your products can be advertised and sold.
  6. Identity and Branding. We will pass off your brand of commodities as those of top quality so that your clients-to-be can be aware of the identity of your products. With Kolkata Social Media at the front line in your online marketing ventures, we assure you that your goods and services will have great reputations.
  7. Copywriting. We will ensure that your products will be well advertised with the use of our great copywriting methods.
  8. Content Marketing. We will come up with the most appropriate and creative inbound marketing that will attract many customers, both new and old, to come forward and purchase your products.

Why Us

Simply put, we have the experts and therefore, we offer exactly what you are looking for. Our team at Kolkata Social Media is well educated, knowledgeable and therefore pristinely qualified for the task of advertising your business online. We promise to improve your online presence in more ways than one and all this at a reasonable price. We are the people you need.

Contact us for more details so that we can go through all that we have to offer you.

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