What to Do About Google Fake Reviews

What to Do About Google Fake Reviews

Businesses and individuals across the world face problems of fake reviews, which are posted by unhappy customers and unethical competitors. PR managers of these companies are finding it hard to tackle these fake reviews, which are damaging the reputation their businesses and individuals, and they are using the services of professional online reputation management firms to address this menace.

Fraudulent SEO companies who keep on posting thousands of reviews post most of the fake reviews.

Even though Search engines like Google have developed algorithms to recognize fake reviews, unnatural languages, and filtering facility, still these reviews creep into the first page of search results.

The problem with these fake reviews is that it creates a perception in the mind of customers regarding your products and service and confuses their buying behavior.

If the reviews are, positive they will look for more information about your products, and if it is negative, they look for different companies and at the same time forward, these fake reviews among their networks. Even if you selling a branded and fast selling product, there may be some disgruntled employees and competitors who may post fake reviews which if not suppressed on time may set back your online reputation.

Businesses have realized the importance of these fake reviews, and they are using the services of professional reputation management companies to get these fake reviews removed from Google.

To remove these fake reviews from the search results, companies shout interact with your good customers and request them to postpositive contents about the product and share it with their networks and third party sites. As far as fake reviews are, interested companies should respond to it in a polite and proactive way and address their grievances.

Enterprises and individuals should use the services of reputed online reputation management companies to eliminate fake reviews in Google. These firms will use the actual power of the internet and implement strategies to suppress fake reviews to the search ranking last pages of online search results.

The only solution to delete these fake reviews is to post as many positive reviews and contents as possible in all the available platforms on the Internet.

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