Politician Branding in India

Politician branding in India is all about how a politician is perceived by the public. The politician, branding the brand is a person and in order to build up the image of that person the same dynamics of traditional marketing techniques are used. Branding is a powerful tool and nobody knows it better than a… Continue reading Politician Branding in India

E-commerce and social media marketing in India

E-commerce companies across the globe have now realized that majority of their potential customers are active in social networks and social media sharing sites irrespective of their age, gender, and economic status. If these companies do not find out where their future customers hang out and include it in their e-commerce marketing mix, then they… Continue reading E-commerce and social media marketing in India

Facebook Marketing Engagement Services in India

Even though Facebook is emerging as the most powerful platform to market products and service, Business are on a marketing basis finding it difficult to reap the benefits through this platform thanks to the recent changes introduced by Facebook. Most of the company houses do not know where to start and if at all they… Continue reading Facebook Marketing Engagement Services in India

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business India

Facebook has evolved into a massive platform where you can market and promote your services and products through interaction with colleagues, current customers, and prospective customers. Most of the small businesses even after creating a dynamic profile they are not sure how to utilize the social media platform to gain benefits. The success of Facebook… Continue reading Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business India

Facebook Marketing Company in India

It is a known fact that Facebook has evolved into one of the leading social networking platform with more than 850 million users worldwide. Today, if you are running a business chances, are you are using social media management tools to monitor online discussions, updates and generate reports. In order to implement an effective marketing… Continue reading Facebook Marketing Company in India

Social Media Strategy India

The growth of social media during the last one decade was so enormous, businesses today cannot ignore these platforms when they implement their marketing strategies to generate leads and boost up sales. Regardless of the type of business, social media has become a crucial factor for all companies to create, nurture and maintain their visibility… Continue reading Social Media Strategy India