Kolkata Twitter Services

You might be familiar with the term, “follow us on Twitter”. In fact this is the most abusive terms which you can hear from lots of people. Millions of people have Twitter account and this is your chance to take advantage of this in building up your image thus promoting your products and services. Twitter is one of the most effective social media networking marketing tools nowadays. Well, do not worry if you are not so familiar on how to take advantage on this. All you need is try Kolkata Facebook Services which Kolkata Social Media can do for you.

All About Twitter – What is Twitter by the way?

Twitter is a micro blogging platform. A user publishes an update to the home stream and can send it to all of the followers. The update is made of up to a hundred forty characters. The follower here is considered a follower of the brand that can be your existing customers or can be your prospective customers.

Know More about Kolkata Twitter Marketing Services

Kolkata Social Media can provide Twitter marketing services that are focus on your brand. We will help you promote your products and services through this famous social media network. Here is the coverage of our Twitter marketing services:

• Twitter Account. We set up Twitter account for your company.
• Consultation. We will guide you on the most acceptable and best practices of this social media network.
• Strategize. We formulate strategies for your marketing plan putting your ultimate business goal on top priority.
• Develop the plan. We develop the marketing plan and connect your company through Twitter messaging effectively to your customers.
• Integration. We will integrate your marketing strategies, your website and your platforms to your Twitter.

You can ask for more. We would be gladly to explain the details for you.

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