How to push down outdated images in Google image search

How to push down outdated images in Google image search

One of the sections in online reputation management is all about managing outdated pictures, which show up in Google search results. The internet is one place where if anything goes in stays there forever so getting rid of embarrassing and outdated images that you want to hide it from your employers and friends is a daunting task.

Any outdated image or an unsavory party image, which portrays the negative side of your online personality, can have a distressing and overly devastating effect on your online reputation.

Many of the social networking and photo sharing sites provide an option to share your images only with your friends and relatives but some sites are too open where anybody can view it and shows up in the search result pages.

Most of the webmasters are unwilling to remove these outdated images and most of the time they are hard to reach. How to push down outdated images in online Google search need the expertise of a professional online reputation management company who are specialized in it.

These companies use state of the art tools and strategies to reduce the visibility of the outdated images from Google search results by proactively publishing positive and latest images about you.

As part of their strategy these companies make use of leading photo-oriented sites like Google+, Facebook, twitter and various other sites by creating attractive profile and putting as many new and positive photos and images as possible online so that the outdated images get suppressed.

Once the pictures are uploaded, they will put a brief information about you and if it possibly helps you to tag yourself.

Once this strategy is implemented, they will help you to push these new images by sharing it through social media platforms and photo-sharing sites so that the public can see.

Sharing your images continuously in as many blogs, social media sites and forums will get these pictures into the first pages of search engines thereby suppressing the outdated images. The results of this strategy may not be immediate but after continuous posting, you will be able to see some of your positive images on the first page of search engine results.

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