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“Content is NOT king – seeding and promotion of said content is king.” Brian Chappell

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Social Media Marketing

Kolkata Social Media is a cutting edge full service online marketing company with its primary focus on developing brand awareness, lead generation, and new client acquisition.

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Reputation Management Services

Our innovative approaches protect business owners against false, malicious and negative publicity online.

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Content Marketing

Kolkata Social media’s ground-breaking content marketing strategies ensure higher page ranks and better visibility online.

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Web Design Services

We create and implement attractive website designs with avant-garde graphics and eye-catching logos, to meet your custom web design needs.

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Kolkata Social Media is a leading independent online marketing services company that specializes in providing professional, intelligent and resolute campaigns and strategies to businesses who wish to achieve a holistic online presence.


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Here at Kolkata Social Media, we see your vision as our core mission – to help you realize your business goals and attain faster, visible and sustainable online results.


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Kolkata Social Media’s ultimate goal is bring absolute satisfaction to our clients – this is why we make sure that we deliver not only clear and sustainable results but also a reliable personal service to our clients.


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Kolkata Social Media services is based in Kolkata, India but we provide our services across the globe.


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[progress_bar percentage=”95″ name=”Reputation Management” value=”95%” type=”progress-striped active” colour=”#1e73be”]
[progress_bar percentage=”89″ name=”SEO” value=”89%” type=”progress-striped active” colour=”#1e73be”]
[progress_bar percentage=”85″ name=”Local SEO” value=”85%” type=”progress-striped active” colour=”#1e73be”]
[progress_bar percentage=”82″ name=”Web Designing” value=”82%” type=”progress-striped active” colour=”#1e73be”]
[progress_bar percentage=”75″ name=”Branding ” value=”75%” type=”progress-striped active” colour=”#1e73be”]


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