Kolkata Newsletter Writing Services

Email or mail marketing is found to be very effective tool of reaching your customers, be the existing ones or the prospective ones. One way to make this marketing tool more effective is to provide rich content newsletters. Kolkata Social Media is giving out the best newsletter writing services wherever you are and whenever you want.

Newsletter Writing

Kolkata Social Media can do newsletter writing services online, for print or for email to promote your products and services. Developing the right content for newsletters is the forte of Kolkata Social Media. Rich content newsletter motivates your customers to buy your products or avail your services.

You may opt to send newsletter the conventional way and that is using the standard print format. Our newsletter writing services can do the job for you. It can be a one page newsletter or multi-pages newsletter. Whatever it may be, we ensure that we will give you the best write ups with the best lay out that will entice the reader’s interest.

Another option to take is sending newsletter online. We can do this for you in PDF format or HTML. Posting your newsletter online will generate links within your site. You website will be popular to search engine spiders and many will crawl to your website.

Newsletter for email is quite different to newsletter for print. It is more like the online publication but just being sent through electronic mail.

We make it easy for you. All you need is tell the topics you want or we can even provide you with a list of topics that you can choose from. Call us now.

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