Kolkata Foursquare Services

You might already hearing about this marketing strategy, in which you will learn about a certain store, restaurant, spa, product or service from a friend to another friend and so on and so forth. You might also know promotional packages, discounts, rewards points and alike. Well, this is actually Foursquare Marketing Services which is another service that we at Kolkata Social Media could offer to you.

What is Foursquare Marketing Services?

Foursquare is social networking application that is location-based. It represents the next level of development in social networking tools. This is where people or individuals are encouraged to visit the store, outlet or restaurant physically and make a purchase. This is one way promoting your products via social media. What good about this is, it is based on mobile phone which means that ads and promos or any other activities can be posted or uploaded at once and in return people will just check through their phones.

Kolkata Social Media – At Your Service

We can handle Foursquare Marketing Services for you. We can set up Foursquare Specials for your products and services. We could provide consultancy and guide you on the best approaches for this campaign. We will integrate all your campaigns with the top social media network like Facebook and Twitter. We will not leave you, not until we fully trained your staff and you get your desired result.

Getting Started!

Look forward to get your highest sales revenue. Contact us now and we will discuss more details with you on how you will do it.

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